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Hardcore Muscle is all about training, lifestyle, and attitude; it exposes what being an Hardcore bodybuilder is really all about. You can count on us for new and innovative training philosophies, interviews with some of today's most famous (or infamous) bodybuilders...and of course we feature some of the most beautiful women in the world. All delivered in an entertaining manner with a fresh new look not currently seen in the bodybuilding industry. Hardcore Muscle will redefine forever what online muscle magazines are all about.

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Anabolic Steroid Alternatives, Potent Fat Loss Supplements, Free Professional Advise

Here you will find the World's most potent muscle building supplements, plus FREE one on one expert advice! Your personal fitness advisor is standing by Call 1-800-635-9870!

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Anadrol earned the name A-Bombs by making people blow up like nothing else before or after it.

Clenbuterol is probably the one bodybuilding drug that made it to the popular culture big time.

Deca Durabolin has been the first choice when it comes to building lean muscle for decades.

Human Growth Hormone the most important factor toward putting on lean muscle and cutting body fat.

Testosterone Booster Testosterone is the hormone that separates the alpha males from the beta males.

The Best HGH Oral Spray for increased muscle mass, body fat loss, younger skin, more energy and increased libido.

Back Thickening Workout there's plenty you can do to add depth and density to your upper back.

Best Bicep Tricep Workouts 3 different workouts that all have the same goal and that is to build massive guns.

Bodybuilding Supplements and Alcohol is it ok to drink alcohol while you are on supplements?

Bodybuilding Supplements to Help Sleep can you recommend something to help me rest at night?

Bodybuilding Wide Waist doing too many side bend type exercises also can cause this to happen.

Building Big Guns arms are probably the easiest of body parts to build.

Creatine while Cutting is it a good idea to take creatine while trying to lose fat?

Dips for Triceps Mass Dips really help you add girth and help shape the triceps.

Doing Supersets All the Time can you use supersets with just about any body part?

Groin Pain After Squats every time I finish a heavy leg day, I get weird pressure inside my 'nads and my sphincter.

Joint Pain from Working Out are there good joint protection supplements that would be worth a try?

Leg Extensions vs Squats what do you think of isolation exercises for the legs when preparing for contests?

Prohormones and Drug Testing if you take pro-hormone supplements can you show up positive on a drug test?

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